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What is the Verification Label?

RCTrader.com strives to provide the safest website in which to buy and sell RC goods and services. To do this we use two methods of verification. They are:

1. An SMS verification

This SMS verification is mandatory and requires a user to input a security code into the website. The code is first sent to the user's phone via an SMS. This verification allows RCTrader to ensure that the user is using a valid telephone number. A user is required to use this method of verification when they register and when a user modifies any of their own account information. Click here for more on the SMS verification system.

^Tip - If you are not receiving the SMS, first make sure that you are including your country code at the beginning of your phone number. Remember that RCTrader is an international website so a country code is used to send all SMS communication. For referrence, the country code for Australia is +61, USA is +1, New Zealand is +64, South Africa is +27, 

2. The paid Verified Label

This is a non-mandatory service that allows a user to purchase a label that displays next to the user's account on the front of the website. The label looks like this:

When a user purchases this service, RCTrader.com runs additional checks on the user's details to ascertain the user's bonafides. This requires the user to submit 100 points of identification to RCTrader for inspection. RCTrader then uses this information to cross-reference any other identification points that may be on file such as (but not limited to) payment information, browsing information, user correspondence with others, social media information etc.

Once the above checks have been carried out and RCTrader is satisfied that the user is bonafide, then the label is applied to the user's account and displayed to other members of the RCTrader community.

The label can be purchased within the "My Account" section of the website as shown below:


*note - when a user purchases the Verified Label service, they have 1 month from the date of purchase to submit the relevant identifying documents to [email protected]. Failure to do so within 1 month of purchase results in the order expiring. In this instance, funds will not be refunded.

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