RC Trader

I have filled in the registration form, now what?

There are three steps to registration:

  1. fill in the registration form
  2. click on the confirmation link in the email sent to you after you finish the registration form
  3. log in using your username and password

As part of the registraion process, you will receive a confirmation email that requires you to confirm your identity by using the link contained in the email.

If you do not receive the email and you are sure you have input the correct email address in the registration form:

  • Check your spam folder. If you do not know what that is, check with your service provider as to how they manage spam emails.
  • Make sure rctrader.com is "whitelisted" by your service provider.

Once you have checked both of these items and you still have not received the confirmation email, please try filling in the registration form again. If you get a "this email address is already in use" message, then you have confirmed that you have have an existing account or an account waiting to be confirmed.

If you still do not see the confirmation email, you can then contact us and we can resend the confirmation email once we know all of the checks above have been done.

Once your account has been confirmed you can log in normally.

If you have forgotten your username or password, click here.