RC Trader

Offline Payment (bank transfer, cash etc)

This entails a buyer and seller agreeing to a fee for the goods. The payment is made via bank transfer or PayPal transfer. In return, the seller ships the goods to the buyer.

*NOTE - This is the LEAST secure method of payment. RCTrader.com does not accept liability for lost items, items that are not sent, items that do not match the description and payment that is not sent in full. Please note, some users have been "scammed" in this manner and this payment method is strictly at your own risk. RCTrader.com has worked with the NSW, VIC, WA and QLD police to try and bring perpetrators to justice however online fraud is incredibly hard to trace and often no result has been achieved for the victims.

If you want a more secure method of payment, please opt into our eScrow system which has proved to be the MOST secure method of online payment available.

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