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How do Sellers register to use the eScrow system?

For a seller to use the eScrow system, the following steps must be followed:

*This takes roughly 10 minutes. You'll need your contact details and bank details handy to complete the process.


  • Step 1 - Navigate to "My Account" within the RCTrader.com website

  • Step 2 - Navigate to "eScrow System" Dashboard 

  • Step 3 - Click on "Selling"

  • Step 4 - Click on Setup Account

  • Step 5 - Click on "Continue" to create an account with our payment service provider (Stripe)

  • Step 6 - You will be redirected to Stripe's online registration form 

  • Step 7 - Input your phone number and email address. Stripe will then send you a 6 digit code via SMS to your mobile phone. 

  • Step 8 - Input the 6 digit code into the Stripe verification fields on the page. This will cause the page to reload to ask you what type of entity you wish to register. Most users will register as a "sole trader" however some commercial vendors may wish to use "company". If you aren't sure which type you are then please contact [email protected] for help.

  • Step 9 - Enter your personal details into the Stripe gateway (this is for banking and compliance purposes, the registration gateway is encrypted and secure; your information will not be used for any other purposes other than to use the RCTrader.com Escrow System for more details please read our Privacy Policy):

Step 10 - Enter information regarding the type of business you wish to carry out. This is a redundant step for most as most users are sole traders however, Stripe requires this to be answered. For our testing accounts we chose to use Retail -> Other Merchandise and RCTrader.com as the website. You are welcome to do the same.


  • Step 11 - Input the details of the account that you wish for funds to be distributed to. This is the account that you'll eventually "payout" your RCTrader sales funds to.


  • Step 12 - Check that your information is correct then "Confirm"


  • Step 13 - You'll see this message: -

Congratulations! you can now sell items securely on RCTrader.com

Go make yourself a cup of tea! you've earned it!

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