RC Trader

Categories explained

New Items.

This category contains listings that are items that have not been used in any way. They are items that are either still in their packaging as they were initially distributed by the manufacturer, or are unused in any way.

Used items.

This category contains items where the item has been changed from its original state. This means that item has been modified, built, removed from the original packaging etc. An item in the "used" category can not be referred to as "new".


Listings that are requests for items or services that the user requires. These need to be specific requests for items and cannot be a request to make contact with individuals.


These are listings for people who wish to promote services they provide to the sport/hobby. They may not contain products.

Club Info.

A specific category for club/organisation use only. It may only be used to promote club events or specific notification information that would be of general interest to the RC modeling community. No commercial use is allowed.