RC Trader

My item has sold, what should I do? (Sold Pending explained)

If you have sold your item, you have two choices:

  • Marking your listing "Sold Pending"
  • Deleting your listing

Sold Pending

Marking your item "sold pending" is a way of letting everyone know that your item has sold, but the transaction has not yet completed. When your listing is marked "sold pending", the listing still shows up, but it has a "sold pending" sign attached to the listing. This gives you the opportunity to remove the "sold pending" sign if the sale is not completed within a reasonable time and lets users know that your item is available again.

To remove the sold pending status, just click the sold pending button once again. It will change back to the original "?" (sold pending can be enabled or disabled as many times as you like).

Sold Pending

Once you have completed the transaction, please remember to "delete" your listing.

Delete a Listing

Deleting your listing ends your listing and removes it from being viewed by users.

NOTE: There is no way to reinstate a deleted listing except to use the archived listing to create a new one.

Deleting the listing forfeits any remaining time or service for that listing.

To either mark a listing as “sold pending” or to “delete” a listing, start the same process as editing a listing, but instead select the “sold pending” or “delete buttons.