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RC Trader Storefront overview

Sellers Get More Exposure with a Personal Storefront...


The Storefront Add On (known as "Stores" in the site menu) offers you the opportunity for increased listings exposure on our site within your own branded structure.

Listed below are just a few examples of the advantages you will have when you purchase a Storefront Subscription: 

  • Unique Storefront URL including your Site UserName or the Storefront name:
    • www.rctrader.com/store/UserName.html --or--
    • www.rctrader.com/store/StoreNameChosenBySeller.html
  • Increased listing exposure which helps the chances of selling your items.
  • Sellers can turn "off" their Storefront from being displayed during setup and maintenance.
  • A "Storefront" column is displayed on the main site's category pages which will draw the attention of visitors to those sellers who have Storefronts.
  • The Seller's listings automatically populate into the Storefront...nothing more for them to do.
  • Sellers can upload their own logo and slogan.
  • Sellers can choose from a number of Storefront templates.
  • Sellers can create their own category structure unique to their Storefront.
  • Sellers can create and populate their own "extra pages" to provide more information to visitors.
  • Sellers can create their own newsletters and allow visitors to subscribe directly through their Storefront.
  • Sellers can get traffic statistics information for their Storefront.

The image below represents how a Storefront might look once it is set up. Keep in mind that this example is using the template that comes by default and the listings are samples only. 

Storefront Sample Home

Store Logo - Sellers can upload their own logo to personalize the Storefront.

Upload storefront logo

Store Name and Welcome Message - Sellers can insert their own store name, slogan or welcome message.

edit name and message

Custom Categories - Sellers can set up their own category structure specific to their Storefront. For example, if a seller only wants to offer items in two categories, they can simply set up only the two categories that they want. Then, when listing her items through the software's normal listing process, one of the selections will be to choose the "Storefront Category" in which the item will appear.

Custom Pages - Sellers can create extra pages in their Storefronts to provide additional information to their visitors. A seller could, for example, create an "About Us" page or a "Terms & Conditions" page to reveal more information about their business.

page sample

Store Newsletter Signup - Sellers can offer the ability for site visitors to subscribe to their "newsletter" by having the visitor submit their email address. Each "newsletter" that the seller sends out is recorded for later recall. All subscribers are recorded in the Seller's Storefront Control Panel tool.

create newsletter

Ordering a Storefront Subscription

Users can order a Storefront Subscription through their "My Account" area. After choosing the subscription period and paying for their Storefront Subscription, their "Storefront URL" will then show up on their "account information" page. They can post this link on their own website or other locations on the web.

Change account types

Traffic Report Statistics - This page allows the seller to keep track of the number of visitors that have visited their Storefront.

Store Stats