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Paid Verification Label (100 Points of Identification)

For added security RCTrader.com has introduced a paid "Verified" label. This label can be purchased through the My Account page on the top left of screen (see below image)

Once the purchase is made, you need to send 100 points of ID to RCTrader.com in order for the website Admin to verify your identity. Verification usually takes ~24hrs. It is easiest to send information via email to email [email protected] however if you do not wish to email the information, you can request the Admin contact you to organize alternate means of sharing the information.

Once the information is received, it is cross-referenced with PayPal (or other payment data) as well as any other data points that RCTrader has at its disposal. Once the user's identity is confirmed, the label is applied to the user's account and the user is notified that the process is complete. Listings placed by a user with "Verified" status appear with a green "Account Verified" label underneath (see below):

Once received, any identification document copies are held in a non-networked storage device and remain with RCTrader until the user wishes to relinquish the use of the label, at which point the ID documents will be deleted.

100 Points of ID must include either a passport or drivers licence and can be made up of the following:

- Passport (70 points)

- Drivers Licence (70 Points)

- Medicare Card (30 Points)

- Student ID (30 Points)

- Utilities Bill (30 Points)

- Aged Pension Cart (30 Points)

- AMAS and MAAA Card (30 Points)

- If you have another document that isn't listed above, please contact [email protected] 

RCTrader reserves it's right to refuse any request for verification and may contact the user to re-verify within a reasonable time period at RCTrader.com's discretion.

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