RC Trader

Facebook login explained

The facebook login allows you to register and log into RC Trader using your facebook account.

When a user clicks the Login with Facebook link. This will direct them to a page that will let them log into their Facebook account, and “approve” RC Trader's Facebook app to access minimal information. The user is then taken back to the site. Below are the different scenarios for what will happen:

  • If the Facebook profile ID is already attached to an account in the software, the user is logged in under that account.

  • If the user's e-mail matches a user already in the system, then it knows the user is the same as the one already in the system. In that case, it links the Facebook account to that existing user, and logs the user in.

  • Rare Scenario: If trying to link up a FB account to one account, when it is already linked to another account, it will merge both user accounts together using the “older” of the two user accounts in the system. Typically this will happen if someone that already has a user account attempts to use “login with Facebook” when the e-mail does not match, so that it creates a brand new user account. If that user later tries to link the FB account to the older account within the software, it will merge the newer account created using Facebook connect into the pre-existing older user account.

  • If there are no matching accounts on the site yet, it will register a new “minimal” user. This information includes your first name, last name, email address and will create a username based on your first and last names.

All other "required" fields (phone, state etc) will need to be added later when you access your "account settings".

Not only does this mean faster registration, but also faster logins when you come back.

The benefits to other users is that a member that is logged in with their Facebook account is more likely to be legitimate given they have a public profile on Facebook.

To deactivate/unlink your facebook account from your RC Trader account, you will need to contact us with your username and email address used in the account.