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SMS Verification Process Explained

The SMS verification process was implimented to make it harder for non bona-fide people to use the website. This is article explains how the SMS verification process works.

RCTrader.com requires a user to verify themselves when they:

1. Register a new account with RCTrader.com

2. Modify any account details of an existing RCTrader.com account.

How to use the SMS verification system - General

The SMS system only works with mobile phones (cellular phones for our American readers). This system does not work with landline phones. If you do not own a mobile/cellular phone and wish to register an account then please email [email protected] for further instructions.

How to use the SMS verification system - New Account Registrations

When you register a new account with RCTrader.com you are required to enter your details in our registration form. One of the required fields to enter is Phone Number. To be able to receive the SMS for verification purposes, the user MUST enter their mobile/cellular phone number with the country code. For example we have marked the country codes below in red:

An Australian user would enter 61 402 613 206

An American user would enter 1 555 555 1234

A Canadian user would enter 1 604 555 555

A New Zealand user would enter 64 412 613 206

A South African user would enter 27 313 724 720

*Note - the SMS function will not work if you do not use the relevant country code.


Once you have entered your country code and phone number, continue to fill in the remaining fields for registration.

Once you have completed all fields, click "Submit" and a text message will be sent to your phone. The text message contains a 6 digit pin code. Once you've received your code, you'll notice that the page has reloaded with your relevant data still prefilled. You need to enter your Pin Code in the relevant empty field that has now appeared. You'll also need to re-enter your password.


Once you've done the above, click "Submit". The registration process is now complete and you are free to continue using RCTrader.com

If the above is too tricky, then please watch this demonstration video for help: 


How to use the SMS verification system - Changing Account Details

When a user changes their details, the system requires that person to reverify themselves via SMS. This is to stop fraudsters from registering with a valid phone number and then changing it post verfication. This feature is designed to protect our community and make it safer to transact on RCTrader.com.

The process for verification after changing account details is as follows:

Step 1: Change details via Account page. Instructions on how to do so are here.

Step 2: Once the details have been entered and the user has clicked "Commit" the page will relaod and an SMS will be sent to the user's mobile/cell phone.

Step 3: The SMS that was sent to the user's phone contains a 6 digit code. Enter this code into the empty field on the page. Click "Save"

Step 4: The process is complete and you are now free to continue using all of the RCTrader.com functions and website.

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